Sunday, August 27, 2006

The nature of Hawaii

After seeing the nature of Hawaii and hearing it was created out of volcanoes, my mind had to pause for a second to try comprehending how God created such a dazzling nature out of hot lava.
On a damp rock I sat filled with wonder and enjoyed the vast beauty of the view. The waters stay in the ocean and the starts hang in the sky. The wind moving about me, the finest ripples moving end to end. I watched the fish, with colors of a pencil shaving, wondering in the waters, snails wrapped in curls lay on the rocks resting, frogs swiftly swimming through the black waters, whales splashing and dashing like tornadoes in the sea, oysters wearing pearls, and boats heaving through the water like swans. It all attracted my empty eyes just like sweet attracts ants.
It’s not imagination of which I am speaking but life and all its blessings. The sun shines on the sea. It glistens and glimmers. Beautiful islands, sandy beaches, big waterfalls, beautiful green palm trees, birds flying from the tallest trees and others walking as slow as they can on the streets are all over the place. The stylized clouds rest gently upon Hawaii and the blue-gray sky waits for first light. The molten lava, now black, is worn smooth by thundering waves and the brilliant blue above matches the pacific down below.

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