Friday, February 20, 2009

He who plays a trick must be prepared to take a joke

In a village far away there was this woman, old woman, who had lived blind for years. Having lost the use of her eyes, she called for a doctor to heal them. But, first she had to make a deal with him. She said, “If you could cure my blindness, you will receive from me the amount of money you wish; and if you don’t heal my eyes, you will get nothing from me.” The doctor accepted the agreement.
He, the doctor, on a daily bases went and visited the old woman and tried to heal her eyes. During his visits, he noticed that the lady had a beautiful house. She had inherited it from her husband who had died a few years earlier. The house was two floors and had many decorated and valuable goods in it. The Dr. made sure to have the same nice looking house in the future. He decided, since the lady was blind, to steal one valuable thing every single visit. When the Dr. had gone through all of what the lady had, he finally decided that it’s about time to heal the woman’s eyes. So he did. He healed her eyes and then demanded with a payment. When old woman recovered her sight and saw mom of her valuable goods in the house, she decided not to give him anything. The Dr. insisted on the agreement but, she still refused. So he took her to the judge. She, standing up in the court, said: “this many here speaks the full truth in what he says, I did promise to give him the amount of money if I should recover my sight: but if I continued blind I wasn’t going to give him anything. Now, he says that I’m healed. I don’t understand how, I still affirm that I’m blind; for when I went blind my house was filled with various valuable goods: but now, though he swears I am cured of my blindness, I still can’t see anything in my house.”

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