Friday, February 20, 2009

Do Ghosts Exist?

Midnight lurks in the darkness, odd things creep out of bushes, over hills through alley ways and… that’s how friends stuffed my little head about how creepy ghosts are. Many of us have childhood memories of sitting on the sofa, looking around the room frightened, our little ears hearing people telling us ghost stories, or seeing scary movies, or walking by a haunted house somewhere in the neighborhood.
Ghosts are prominent in the popular cultures of various nations. The word ghost refers to the spirit or soul of a deceased person or demon. The bible plainly states, the spirit world is teeming with life. God Himself of course is a Spirit.[1] The Holy Spirit of God called, the "Holy Ghost" in earlier translations of the Bible, is Spirit. God created countless billions of angles, but there are also angles that rebelled and sinned, known as demons. Satan, Lucifer, was the angel in charge of this rebellion. Satan wants us to doubt the existence of God. He wants man to share in his punishment.
Although angles did appear to humans quite often throughout Biblical narrative, these angles never did it in a “haunting” or obscure manner. They usually appeared in the form of humans who identified themselves in a clear and dignified manner while bringing a message or accomplishing a mission from God.
Although some people say, we don’t know how long it will take us to get to heaven or heal after we die. Others wonder about some verses in some of the version of the Bible which bring up the word ghost; Mathew 14:26, Luke 24:39, Mark 6:49 and 1 Samuel 28:13-20. “Ghosts are not real and they do not exist.” First of all we need to have an answer for the question: “do ghosts exist?” In 1 John 4:1, the Bible shows a very clear verse for those who believe in ghosts. “But if we actually look back to when the Bible was written, the word ghost was never used”, said a pastor. [2] The New Testament was first translated into Greek and it never used that same word. The old Testament was first translated into Hebrew, and the same thing; it never had the word ghost in it. Let us look at the Arabic versions; most of them that are known and used these days don’t have the word known as “ghosts. The “ghost” word was not used in Arabic version, because it actually refers to a satanic spirit.[3] “The best version is the New King James” said, Nate Wilson. Let us apply all the verses that were mentioned above. None of them use the word ghost. Then what is this word? Where did it come from? The belief in ghosts date’s back several thousand years. Some people living at that time of Christ believed in them just as some people living today believe in them, but this does not make them more real. There were lying spirits then, and there are lying spirits now. Jesus never taught ghosts were real, or they were the spirits of our loved once returning to visit us. To the contrary He taught when we die, we are weather with God in heaven, or will be waiting our finial judgment. The example of Jesus Christ clearly answers the question. The Son of God was born as a normal physical human (Hebrews 2:14-18). After He was brutally killed, His body was placed in the tomb where He remained dead until He was resurrected to life. His resurrection would not have been necessary if He had been alive while He was dead. We also, see in Ecclesiastes 3:19-20, the Word of God telling us, we are all from the dust, and all turn to dust again. As we see in very few Bible versions, Matthew 14:26 tells us about the disciples and how they are seeing Jesus as a ghost. The disciples are sinners they are not perfect, they were also in fear which made them use that word which is referred to, “a spirit thought of as returning to haunt the living”.[4] Is this how we to see Jesus? As far as I know, that is not how the Word of God teaches us. Let us take Luke 24:39 and Mark 4:46, where some say the word ghost was used. “They didn’t, not in the Bibles most pastors instruct the believers to read nor in the original Greek version of the Bible.”[5] Though, there is only one recorded incident in the Scriptures of the spirit of a dead human seeming to appear to someone, that of Samuel appearing to Saul. It's important to note that, if it was somehow actually the spirit of Samuel, the rare incident was to deliver a Godly message, not to scare or haunt anyone. (1 Samuel 28:13-20). Are ghosts’ angels then? Angels are described in the Bible as forever distinct from humans - that is, humans do not somehow become angels after they die. However, angels have often manifested themselves with the appearance of a human when they were dealing with humans. Angels appeared to many people throughout the Bible, sometimes to inform or assist; Gabriel's Message to Mary that Jesus Christ would be born (Luke 1:26-28), or rescuing Peter (Acts 12:8-11), and at other times as agents of God's wrath against evil; The Destruction Of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1), or the killing of the Assyrian troops who were besieging Jerusalem and openly challenging and insulting God (2 Kings 19:35). So, if "ghosts" do exist, and they are not humans, (1 Thessalonians 4:13-17), (Daniel 12:2) or God's angels, what's left? Demons. Demons are fallen angels who have become warped in thought and behavior. What I had stated above is very clear. Ghosts do not exist. After our physical life's journey has ended, if we have accepted God's offer of eternal life, our spirit will go right up to heaven. Our souls don’t hang around waiting.[6]
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