Friday, February 20, 2009

Awakening of my soul
September 19 2007

One… two…
No that’s not true
One.. Year
Is all I have been here (the US).
I come from a world
That is insanely curled,
Born in Kurkik 1986
With ticks but no pixs.
Went to school to study Aramaic, Arabic English and Kurdish,
Nothing more I had to wish.
I loved to work so I taught
Where English was sought.
Yeah..I taught 1st 3rd 5th 6th and 8th graders,
Everyone thought they were invaders.

On May 2006 I heard about NSA, (New Saint Andrews College in the US)
So I began to pray.
I said okay when the day came when I had to go away
So.. now.. I am in school
Feeling like a fool.
I am neat, picky and clean
But schoolwork puts me in between.
With caffeine I say what I mean and go like a machine,
Without caffeine I feel mean and fifteen.
Classes.. work.. and missing home
Has made me want to roam
Latin is early and lame
And Romans…. Are a shame
Music is too late in the day
Where Alexander, Brandon.. Shan say..
Hey.. wake up buddy, it’s time to study.
Theology… is good when it’s understood
Friends.. are dear
And that is exactly why you don’t see a tear
But still, in two years I will disappear

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