Friday, February 20, 2009

Notre Dame University Environment November 2008

I have had the opportunity to visit many universities inside and outside the United States; sadly, the environment of most has seemed so tiring and stressing to the mind and body, and comparing that past experience with NDU made me come up with the conclusion that NDU campus is a total different place. It is a university many wish to attend because of its beautiful structure and nature, the enthusiasm in its members and the education offered. The outside structure of the whole campus is architecturally fitted; starting with shops surrounding the campus, different dormitory buildings, a bookstore with internet access and different printing options, restaurants and access to banks. As good as the outside structure sounds, the inside buildings are with “elegant rough finishing, creating textures and designs by the exposition of wires, tubes and structure members.” (Suror) The beautiful nature makes its way starting from the front gate down to the last block of the cafeteria. The views from every corner are dazzling; every morning the sun peaks out shining down on the growing nature, the air is sent from the mountains smelling so fresh and awakening to the soul, sated yellow, red and green flower shimmer and glisten in the sun, and the trees dangling like jagged earrings; only fall can show you the story of how breath taking it is to sit outside, on the steps, of the cafeteria and get lost in the twitters of birds and the view of the green valley. Moreover, the enthusiasm in the members makes this campus worth coming to; seeing guards squinting their eyes, at sun rise, ready to start their shift, cars roaring down the entrance road, students looking and smelling fresh, professors holding tight on to the coffee and tea cups walking down the parking ways, puts a smile of every students face and encourages for a new morning. On top of all the structure, nature and enthusiasm, the principles of Christianity being on campus with each and every professor is the most comforting being to all of its student body. Firstly, because it assures us students that our staff is from a background we ourselves have been raised on and can freely trust; secondly, the Christian open minded thought gives the opportunity for self expression with any belief or thought. Also, professors of NDU really work on letting students accept with their education with their own will, giving them the chance to take a break but at the same time with boundaries and penalties. The end, midday comes; students pass on to their fun part life leaving the campus calm and quiet. With every morning, there is a fresh beginning, a new beauty and an energized enthusiasm.

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