Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is it Nature or Art?

I believe art imitates nature. No matter how talented an artist is, he cannot imitate the work of God; we humans are not even close to surpassing it. Artists create things conceptually; meaning they create things totally different than nature. Here I am not asserting comfort or perfectness, only the fact of imitating something that is not “perfect” and making it seem perfect; “unnatural”. Are we supposed to live perfect or at least try our best to live perfect outwardly instead of inwardly? I believe if God wanted us to live perfectly outward he would have created us so perfect we would not be in need of art or nature. Let us take the general and most common argument, which shoves God and creation out of the way and say man is capable of making our nature more perfect; meaning the less perfect, nature, would have to imitate the more ideal image of life, which is the art and technology. How would have man created this ideal nature if he would have had the power to do so? How would he have created the imperfect, not comfortable, boring, and the unfinished nature in a better way? How would he have made the damp rough grass softer and more comfortable to sit on? Or how would have he created the mountains to a more villa living imagination? Very simple; he would not have done any of this without having a head start with something. To build a house, either by rocks or wood, to make a chair, to eat a grape, to smell roses, to feel the cold air, and to hear the sound of a laughter all have the same essence; nature. Why do musicians, when wanting to add some natural sounds to their piece imitate the sound of water, wind, birds, laughing, or crying? Aren’t these mere imitations of nature? Art is artificial. What nature gives us is much more superior to what man wants to create. It’s very beautiful to hear perfect sounds, see perfect colors and images, but will not we ourselves say it is beautiful but it does not look natural. Now a day, when singers and actors and actresses are seen with perfect on TV, most comments heard are “beautiful, but fake”. What about the use of makeup; why is the fashion turning to natural use colors? Yes, it is still the use of art, but with the imitation and respect of nature. What art does is that it extracts the most beauty of nature and then we imagine a new invented reality. The minute we speak about it, we think at human mind, skills, talent that expresses and succeeds in catching the essence of what it is trying to represent. Even if there are those who say art represents something unique, we cannot deny its existence; its real basis of nature.

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